Thank you for your donation

The children really appreciate the support


Special Donations:

Thank you for the Support


We want to thank Southern States Enterprises for the new addition: They have donated a new Toyota pallet jack to help us to unload and load the ramps and equipment into the trailer.

I am ready for a good time on Saturday. The Lighthouse Central Florida Superkids Classic is going to be a lot of work but really worth it all!

Next is the Lighthouse Central Florida Superkids Classic

Mission Statement:

A 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

March 17th at Manheim Central Florida - 9800 Bachman Road, Orlando

Sunday the 18th, going to Down Syndrome event.

May 12th is the Spina Bifida Superkids Classic also at Manheim Auto Auction in Orlando.


Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers

Access Awards

Creative Graphics

Artios Cabinetry

Charlie Russ

Nick Jones

Driver Eligibility
Must be from the age of 7 – 18 years old
Boy or Girl
Must be mature enough to be able to handle someone else in the car with them
All children will wear helmets
Must want to have a fun day of racing


Special Needs Child Eligibility
Must have a medically diagnosed disability.
Must be at least seven years of age prior to local special needs race (7-18).
Must not exceed the weight limit of 185 pounds.
Cars will have 4 point race harnesses if needed.
All children will wear helmets.
Must want to have a fun day of racing.
Extra wheel chairs are available if needed

Special Races with Special Needs Children

Innovating Worthy Projects Foundation

Orlando -  Manheim Auto Auction, 9800 Bachman Road, Orlando

Lakeland - Manheim Auto Auction, 8025 FL. Hwy 33

Melbourne - Northrup Grumman, 1500 W. NASA Blvd., Melbourne

Ocoee - Manheim Auto Auction, 11801 W. Colonial Drive, Ocoee

Tampa - Manheim Auto Auction, 401 S. 50th Street

Special Thanks:

Orlando - March 17th
Orlando - May 12th

Orlando - September 22rd

Lakeland - October 14th

Melbourne - November 18th

December 14th - TBA

Tampa - January 19th

Ocoee - February 16th

Orlando - March 16th

Orlando - May 13th

All events are subject to change

Coming events: 2018 - 2019

Imagine a child not being able to play the same sports as their sibling or imagine a child not able to play at all. Sunshine State Superkids has the perfect opportunity to get these children involved like the rest of the kids in the world. Here is the chance to get involved.

Race City Locations:



363 Sky Valley Street

Clermont, Florida 34711