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Special Needs Child Eligibility
Must have a medically diagnosed disability.
Must be at least seven years of age prior to local special needs race (7-18).
Must not exceed the weight limit of 185 pounds.
Cars will have 4 point race harnesses if needed.
All children will wear helmets.
Must want to have a fun day of racing.
Extra wheel chairs are available if needed

Orlando - September 23rd

Davenport - October 21st

Melbourne - November 18th

Leesburg - December 9th

Tampa - January 20th

Orlando - March 17th

TBA - April

Orlando - May 12th

All events are subject to change

March 17th at Manheim Central Florida - 9800 Bachman Road, Orlando

A 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization


Next is the Lighthouse Central Florida Superkids Classic

Driver Eligibility
Must be from the age of 7 – 18 years old
Boy or Girl
Must be mature enough to be able to handle someone else in the car with them
All children will wear helmets
Must want to have a fun day of racing


Orlando -  Manheim Auto Auction, 9800 Bachman Road, Orlando

Davenport - Horizon Elementary School
1700 Forest Lake Drive

Melbourne - Imagine Charter School

3355 Imagine Way

Leesburg - Lake/Sumter State College

Tampa - Manheim Auto Auction, 401 S. 50th Street

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Imagine a child not being able to play the same sports as their sibling or imagine a child not able to play at all. Sunshine State Superkids has the perfect opportunity to get these children involved like the rest of the kids in the world. Here is the chance to get involved.

Innovating Worthy Projects Foundation

Race City Locations:

We have canceled the event in Sebring. It just was not panning out for us to make that trip.

We are going to reschedule the event in Leesburg, it was just to cold for the children. I hated to cancel but I felt it was the best thing too do for the children.

Thank you for your donation

The children really appreciate the support


Special Donations:

Thank you for the Support


Special Races with Special Needs Children

Mission Statement:

We have been surprised all the children that are out there that are special needs, from being Blind to more then I really would to see. It is really sad. So our program is giving some of these children a day that would not get normally.

We are also working with Foster Care Group Homes and Inner City Children. We have also found that these children do not have any luck either. These children also do not have options to do things to this degree. Well we are trying to give them some fun for one day a year.

Coming events: 2017 - 2018

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