The estimated amount to be raised is $400,000. This includes the purchase of property, building, foundation, permits and all utilities needed.Type your paragraph here.

Our Needs:

  • About an acre or more of property with or without a building.
  • An approximately 50 ft. x 60 ft. building if there is nothing on the property.
  • A slab accommodate the building.
  • Water and electricity for the building.
  • Permits and all essentials.
  • Of course, we would be willing to accept any of these items as a donation to Sunshine State Superkids.

Need for Expansion

  • At the present time we are using a piece of property That was donated to use without knowing how long we can stay there.
  • We are working out of a pole barn which was enclosed without lighting and air conditioning.
  • We have no kind of security available to protect our equipment and tools.
  • We have no water or bathroom available.
  • A larger facility will give us the available space to enlarge our number of cars.

Remembering that Sunshine State Superkids is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, qualifying for tax deduction to the extent of the law.

We will be happy to send a receipt to all donators which can be used for tax purposes.


Racing into Excellance

Capital Campaign