8.     Why is Sunshine State Superkids seeking funding for a building project now?
At this time Sunshine State Superkids is borrowing a piece of land and storage areas. The property is going up for sale soon and it is time for us to find our own location.
The program has grown to the point that with the equipment and cars we are also in need of more space. Now working with Hillsborough County Schools, while they are building new cars for us, we will then need more room for the cars.

Frequently Asked Questions:

9.     Will donors (and donation amounts) be publicly acknowledged?
Donor recognition is an important part of every campaign. We will be putting the donor on to the website and there will be a recognition plaque put onto the building. There will be no donation amounts published.

3.     How Much will this campaign cost?

We are looking at approximately $400,000 for the steel building, foundation, property and all utilities needed.

10.    Are donations to the capital campaign tax deductible?
SSS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Ein: 46-4854840

7.     Do you except credit cards?
Yes Sunshine State Superkids except credit cards, but ask for 2.25% surcharge. We are sorry but this is what we pay to the credit card company.

2.     What is Sunshine State Superkids “Racing into Excellence” Capital Campaign?
Racing into Excellence Capital Campaign is to help Sunshine State Superkids their own building and property to be able to maintain equipment and cars for the race events that are held in the central Florida area.

5.     Are gifts and donations towards the capital Campaign tax deductible?
Sunshine State Superkids is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all of the gifts are tax deductible. Sunshine State Superkids will be able to give tax receipt for the donation.

6.    Is there recognition for leadership giving?
Yes. All donator names will be present on the Sunshine State Superkids website and there will be a plaque with the names made for the building


4.     How is the “Racing into Excellence” Capital Campaign different than other fundraising for Sunshine State Superkids?
Sunshine State Superkids is always looking for companies to help the race program each month. The capital campaign is only for the funds to get the property, building, foundation and utilities. The two types of donation only go to the program donated for.

1.     What is Sunshine State Superkids?
Sunshine State Superkids was developed out of a passion for soap box derby racing and children. We looked at what we can do for the children in Central Florida. We saw children that were not able to do much because of a disability, looked at what the parents of these children had in Medical Bills. The program then turned to looking at the children living in low income areas or in Homeless Shelters and added them to the program. After all of that we had to look at the children that were disrupted from their homes and now live in the Foster Group Homes, then added them to our program. As we have been looking at all this, we have been surprised with the number of children that are out there with in all these categories.

 We wanted to put a program together for all these children and their families. These families just do not have the funds to get involved with any type of programs because of the financial costs. Sunshine State Superkids was developed for all children to just come out and have fun for FREE. Our program also gave the Special Needs Children and siblings the opportunity to be involved together. With the concept of two seat soap box derby cars, both children can do something together bringing family together.