Be involved with a program that brings smiles to the faces of all the children that come out. The sponsorship money goes right back into the program.

We have been surprised all the children that are out there that are special needs, from being Blind to more then I really would to see. It is really sad. So our program is giving some of these children a day that would not get normally.

We are also working with Foster Care Group Homes and Inner City Children. We have also found that these children do not have any luck either. These children also do not have options to do things to this degree. Well we are trying to give them some fun for one day a year.

So see if you can afford not to get involved with this great little program! The children will greatly appreciate the opportunities to race down the road.

Get involved today and help put smiles on the faces in the Central Florida Area. All sponsorships are tax deductible, we will give your company a receipt for taxes.

Thank you and God Bless

  • Sponsor name to go onto 18” x 24” sign and will be trackside of each race.
  • Recognition on the website.

2 Year Track Sign

1 Year Sponsorship

Half Trailer Sign

Ramp Sign Sponsorship

(1 Year Sponsorship) $250 (2 Year Sponsorship) $400


(1 Year Sponsorship $500 or $1,000)

Super Kids Car Sponsorship

(1 Year Sponsorship) $300 (2 Year Sponsorship) $500

  • Sponsor's name will be on one race car for two years (chosen by SSS)
  • Sponsor will receive a photo of the car they sponsoring
  • Recognition on the website
  •  Race Sponsor will be on all advertisements for their race (EX. Norelli Superkids Classic presented by Race Sponsor Name)
  • Race Sponsor name will be on T-shirt for their event.
  • Race Sponsor will be on the Sunshine State Superkids website with a link to sponsor website.
  • Sponsor will receive photo from day's event
  • Sponsor's name will be on the trunk of one car for two years (chosen by SSS).
  • Sponsor will receive a photo on the car they are sponsoring.
  • Recognition on the website.

Race Sponsor: $1,200


Including: Recognition on the website

We are always in need of product. T-shirts for race dates. Food for breakfast and lunch for an event. Drinks for each event. Gasoline for race day, getting equipment from our site to race city. Hotel nights for  cities: Tampa,  and Melbourne.

Contact Race Director John if you would like to sponsor merchandise.

Thank you


Secondary Car Sponsor:

(1 year Sponsorship) $175 / (2 year Sponsorship) $250

  • Sponsor's name to go onto 18" x 24" sign and sign will be track side of each race.
  • Recognition on the website.
  • We will add you company name or logo onto the hand rails on the trailer will stay on for 1 year.
  • $500: will be a half sign (1’ x 4’)
  • $1,000 will be a full sign (2’ x 4’)
  • Recognition on the website

2018-2019 Sponsorship Program

    1 Year Sponsorship                 2 Year Sponsorship.

1 Year Track Sign

2 Year Sponsorship


Full Trailer Sign


(1 Year Sponsorship $100 

                                            2 Year Sponsorship $150)